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Read a Little about Kent...

I accepted Christ at the age of 13, and was immersed in baptism. While I was at summer camp I got to for the second time experience the Holy Spirit falling upon me, but at the time I didn't quite understand what that wonderful feeling was or really meant.
On my way back riding with
the Pastor, I told him I feel like I was called to Ministry. A few days later he called and asked me if I was really serious and if so he would like to take me on a tour of the Christian College, at that point in my life I was into what I wanted to do (self-centered) so to speak, this was the start of my
running from God.

For the next 25 years I continued to RUN and pursue a country music career.

Now during this time the Lord did bless me with getting to do some things that most would not get to. I had the opportunity to open for many major country artists, had many write ups done, and even performed on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry and The Ernest Tubb Midnight Jamboree. Plus a fairly  successful stint with a regional band "High Caliber" which lasted for at least 15 years, but during this time
I couldn't focus on ANYTHING for very long a lot of unhappiness, dissatisfaction, but most people at the time would not have known it, because I always wore the instamatic grin. After a failed marriage and then sinking to the bottom, to a point that when I went on stage to perform I was up there and ready to go do something else even to the point where I didn't like myself, lost my identity, and was even pushing away from the things that made me, me because I couldn't accept it.

It is like I was longing to be someone else
in my own body.  I didn't know it then, but God was trying to get my attention. I should have known it, because of all the things I got to do as a performer no opportunities ever presented themselves to go onto the next level. And my support system wasn't much at that time.

It wasn't until I moved to Oklahoma and many road blocks that I
met my wife Amanda and things started looking up. After a phone call from my sister about my brother having a health issue and coming back to Nebraska only to have a funeral service I realized that IT WAS TIME TO STOP RUNNING FROM GOD!

When we returned back to Oklahoma I began seminary studies and while I was there I
became friends with a pastor who is a great encourager, and during this time he got THE CALL to pastor a different church and the Lord gave me the blessing to be interim pastor at a small country church, after having only one class under my belt. I have had some restless spirit over the course of time over some wrong choices that I made. The Lord puts us through a valley to make us stronger. He wants us to be able to hear Him when He
speaks to us.

All the worldly can cloud your mind and squeeze the Spirit's voice out. I know from experience how

miserable life can be when running from God. The biggest blessing as of late is this CD that He has used me for His service to speak to others in song.